5 tips to feel incredible during Fall. 

Autumn: the confusion before the downward spiral.

We all know what happens... The summer ends and then we have a few weeks of Harvest Season, when the days are still warm, the beaches are not crowded and the fruits are plump and juicy. We say to ourselves… “Yeah I'm loving this”! Then Autumn comes... and everything changes

Days feel shorter and shorter, the nights longer and darker, all the trees change color, and we even start to see wildlife migrating to warmer places...

We tend to feel confused with all these changes in the air and before we know it, winter is coming. During this time some of us may feel like we don't know what is happening to us as we can start to feel very low and even depressed.


It is important to know you don’t have to feel like this but if you do, you are not alone. It helps enormously to follow, with awareness, the changes that each season present us. In doing so we are prepared for what is coming next and we can make the most out of every season.

I'm sure everybody can relate to this on some level... For example, it's a bit like at work!

In almost every industry each period of the year the work load fluctuate right? You need to be ahead of the game for the busiest times so that you can cope with the work load!..

And when that actually happens you feel so good about yourself! Your boss or your clients are happy, you get promoted, (yay) and before you know it is time to go on holiday again!

So work hard and be prepared so that you can get promoted in LIFE and I don't just mean at work!.. Realistically that's only a small part of your life. 


So by being prepared for each change that the seasons bring you, you can stay BALANCED by being ahead of the game with your health and mind set. Everything you need will fall into place :)

At the end of the day nature, life, seasons are all cycles that repeat themselves so it makes sense to pay attention to them in order to live a more balanced, happy and fulfilled life!

These are my top 5 tips to stay balanced during the season of Fall.


1. Be comfortable with change! As I mentioned before change is very present throughout Autumn and if you feel like you are a bit resistant to change this is the time to work on it. This is the time to face situations that you wanted to change in a long time other wise you probably will be stuck with them throughout autumn and winter! Think about relationships, in life or at work. Focus on nourishing yourself and creating a safe and healthy environment for your next few months. Be the smart squirrel gathering all that is needed for his nest!

let go.jpg

2. Let go of control. When things change so fast around you there is no reason to go crazy trying to control everything, sometimes it is just easier and healthier to just step back and let it all happen. Just like those migrating birds they let the wind decide the main direction of where they are going. 


3. Shift stagnation. As the days become shorter and colder take some time to pack away all your summery clothes and bring out your warmer clothing. While you are at it get rid of anything that is too old and no longer needed. Even if you really like it but you never end up using it, basically if it doesn't serve you anymore, detach and get rid of it!


4. Eat seasonally and locally. Don't just eat anything, think about what goes on your plate. Go to the farmers market and buy anything that you see a lot of ! Especially fruits like pomegranates and apples, by far some of the most delicious fruits out there! Broccoli, onions, pumpkins, cabbage etc are all great things to include in your shopping basket. For ideas stay tuned to this blog for upcoming seasonal recipes.


5. Practice yoga. This where the real magic happens! Each season has a different energy that affects different organs in the body and if these organs are not in the best shape the seasonal changes can be difficult causing different physical and mental discomforts. I use specific Yoga Asanas, to strengthen and stretch along the meridian lines of these organs to bring energy to them. In Autumn we are working with the meridian lines related to the Lungs and Large Intestine. Pranayama (Yogic breathing) and Meditation are also very important and used to disconnect your mind from over worrying, grief and sadness, that are often symptoms of Autumn. Follow instructions on an older article of mine HERE.

Stay happy during Autumn, and as usual feel free to get back to me if you need any help :) 

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