200 hr International Yoga Alliance Certification

100 hrs July 22nd - August 4th 2019 in Paris, France

100 hrs August 18th - August 31st 2019 in Vence, France

Deposit €500 (The balance can be paid in 3-4 times)

School - One Yoga

Team of Teachers - Carol Issa Karing Kaur, Zineb Fahsi, Christian Gentile, and Chloé PorterW

Carol Issa - Lead Teacher : Advanced Jivamukti Teacher and Kundalini Teacher (EYT* 1000+ Hrs)

Carol Issa - Lead Teacher: Advanced Jivamukti Teacher and Kundalini Teacher (EYT* 1000+ Hrs)

Chloé - Lead Teacher:  Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and devoted practitioner of Iyengar Yoga (EYT* 500+ Hrs)

Chloé - Lead Teacher: Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and devoted practitioner of Iyengar Yoga (EYT* 500+ Hrs)

Christian - Contributing Teacher:  Elemental Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist (EYT* 800+ Hrs)

Christian - Contributing Teacher: Elemental Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist (EYT* 800+ Hrs)

Zineb   - Contributing Teacher:  Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 Hrs)

Zineb - Contributing Teacher: Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 Hrs)

*EYT - Experienced Yoga Teacher (over 1000 hours of teaching expereience).

With Yoga exploding and so many trainings out there it can be hard to know where to start.

Through this training we are bringing our combined expertise of nearly 40 years of teaching together (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Kundalini, Rebirth Therapy, Elemental Yoga, Healing, Coaching, Philosophy, Nutrition amongst others).

We aim to remain true to the traditions of Yoga whilst embracing the evolution from which the west had adopted this practice. We strive to create teachers that are solidly rooted in the wisdom of this ancient practice but know how to apply this knowledge to the daily life of our busy occidental lives.

Our vision is to help each student elevate their consciousness and live to their full potential as they embark on this beautiful new journey as a teacher of Yoga, living in tune with society, others and the planet. 

This training is also available as an intensive if you are looking to dive deeper into the theory of yoga and strengthen your personal practice without looking to teach. 

The training will be run primarily in French with some classes and lectures in English (the lectures will be translated if needed from English to French). You will need to be able to speak and understand French for this training.


Overview of the course:

  • Techniques and Practice

    • Classes with 4 expert teachers:

      • Carol: Jivamukti Yoga and Kundalini Yoga

      • Chloé: Vinyasa Yoga and Hatha (Iyengar methods)

      • Christian: Elemental Yoga Therapy and Mediation

      • Zineb: Vinyasa Yoga

    • The fundamentals of Vinyasa Yoga

    • Learn to teach over 50 classic asanas with specific instructions, anatomy, alignment and modifications

    • Learn the art of sequencing asanas both in a Vinyasa sequence and Hatha sequence

    • Learn to adjust students in specific Asanas

  • Healing through Yoga

    • Fundamentals of coaching and private yoga classes

    • Introduction to Yoga Therapy

    • Energetic Alignment through the Meridien Lines

  • The ‘business’ of Yoga (how to set yourself up)

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Body

  • Philosophy of Yoga

  • A comprehensive and detailed manual with the above information

  • Teaching practice both in large and small groups to perfect your first classes

  • A community of Yogis and teachers to always be in touch with =)


100 HOURS: July 22ND - August 4th 2019 IN PARIS

The first half will be concentrated on the Theory of Yoga, Anatomy as well as the Principles of Asana, Pranyama and Meditation. Classes will take place at in a lovely Parisien studio. These first two weeks can be taken on their own if you do not wish to teach but simply want to learn more.

If you plan to teach and take the whole 200 hour you will have two weeks in between the two sections of the course to absorb the knowledge and study for your theory test. This down time is important to prepare for the intensive (food and accommodation is not provided in Paris).


100 HOURS: August 18th - 31st 2019 FULL IMMERSION IN VENCE, FRANCE

We will then head down for a full immersion in a private villa in the beautiful South of France ! These last two weeks will be the opportunity to dive deeply not only into the teachings of Yoga but also into a real Yogic lifestyle, individually and as a community. Time away from your daily life will be the perfect format for you to put together everything you have learnt and create your first classes.

The villa is the ideal space for all of this with its beautiful pool, stunning nearby waterfall, yoga room and all of the props.

Accommodation and all meals: €450 per week (€900 for both weeks)

We have limited space in order to maximize the time we have with each of you. We want to ensure you are equipped with all the knowledge and confidence you need to go out into the world and share what you learnt.


Your investment.

Tuition Fee: This includes a staff of 4 experienced teachers all of the classes with, workshops, teachings, detailed manual and the Yoga Alliance 200 hr certificate (if all the course is attended and tests are passed).

Early bird (before March 1st 2019) - €2520

After early bird (after March 1st 2019) - €2770

Accommodation & full board in Vence (August 18th-31st): €900


  • A 100% commitment to personal growth and a willingness to learn, transform and expand. 

  • A consistent yoga practice of at least two year.

  • A regular home asana and meditation practice (if you don’t have one, start one now).

  • The reading list is complete before the start of the training

    If you are called to this apply below… After you have applied you will receive an invite for an interview with Carol or Chloé.

Name *
Date of Birth
Date of Birth

more about the team

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Carol Issa Karing Kaur

Carol Issa is both an advanced Jivamukti and Kundalini Yoga teacher and has had the honor to serve as a mentor at the Jivamukti Teacher Training Program, as well at Kundalini teacher training. She had over ten years teaching experience and her classes are physically challenging, flowing into creative sequences and mentaly and emotionally uplifting. 

Carol teaches in many big Parisian studios as well workshops, events and retreats in Paris and abroad. She’s known for her open heart, sincerity and sense of humour. Carol also offers therapeutical healing transformational body work treatments and coaching/ guidance in Paris and abroad.

Carol will contribute her wealth of expereience into all aspects of this training. She will be leading the sequencing, assists and philosophy in particular.

New York Times : « One of my favorite classes is an energetic session with an infectiously joyful teacher named Carol. She leads the class in French — “Inspirez … expirez!” — but who, inevitably, trained in New York, cradle of Jivamukti. »

Chloé Porter

Chloé is a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher who has grown up surrounded by Yoga and has been teaching since 2007. She has been blessed to be able to practice and learn from many Senior Iyengar teachers as her mum is an Iyengar Teacher. Chloé studied Biomedical Sciences and has a Masters in Nutrition and is a certified Health Coach.

Chloé has been teaching for over 10 years and has had the pleasure in working on several Teacher Trainings. Her classes our dynamic but rooted in alignment allowing you to dive deep into your body and practice. Chloé will be contributing to most of the 200 hours and will be leading the Anatomy and Physiology training as well as the Asana labs.

Vicky: « Chloé has a true gift. She creates something so special in her classes- a safe space to practice with gentle encouragement and intelligent guidance that mean you leave feeling calm but with an amazing sense of accomplishment. I’ve been on three of her amazing retreats and my practice has developed so much- I only wish she lived nearer!»


Christian Gentile

Zineb Fahsi