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Here we give our students the opportunity to dive deep into every aspect of Thai massage techniques, daily Meditation and Yoga, food, shared accommodation and extensive learning material will be provided to you.

Come join us in the South of France for an Intensive Thai Massage Course.

This intensive Thai massage course is a valuable tool for any wellness professional, like massage therapists and yoga Teachers alike. In any Yoga studio, Yoga resort, or wellness related business you will find some type of massage on offer and more than often Thai massage is one of them. Most of Yoga teachers are able to offer some type of therapy, and Thai massage is very common for it's versatility because is practiced on the floor wearing clothes, so it can be even practiced outdoors as your clients don't need to undress. 

The Thai massage course is an Intensive 7 days long program. The course is based in an incredible location, a private villa in south of France.

The course is a hands on practical course with 5 hours per day of hands on practice, we will have few theoretical classes too, like basic anatomy and physiology and 5 elements theory to complement the course.

A very extensive manual is included in the course so that you can take notes and revise as you practice at home. 

 We start every day with Meditation and Pranayama followed by 1 hour Yoga class.

Sample schedule:

7- 7.45am: Meditation and Pranayama.

8- 10am: Yoga practice (with Chloe or Christian)

10-11.30am: Brunch

11.30am-14.00pm: Thai massage practice

14.00-16.00pm: Lunch and Free time.

16.00-18.30pm: Thai massage practice

7.00pm-8pm: Dinner

More about the course.

As a massage therapist, practicing thai Massage and then trained as yoga teacher, I found that the two practices has complemented beautifully in many different ways.

  • First: the barrier of "touching people" wasn't an issue when I had to learn to adjust people during yoga classes. In Thai massage we spend a lot of time learning about the quality of touch so you are not only touching but you are giving through your touch making my adjustments during classes very meaningful and effective.

  • Second: Practical understanding of Anatomy and Physiology, Thai Massage is also Known as Thai Yoga Massage because many of the passive stretches that you learn during our course look somehow similar to Yoga postures. As you start to practice Thai massage you will get a better understanding of how each joint works, where people hold most of the tension and how the whole body is affected by that tension. This will make you more sensitive to your students needs a you will be able to help them further.

  • Third: and most important I learned how to cultivate mindfulness and presence trough my Thai massage first and then yoga did the rest. Thai massage was never intended to be a mere job, it was born in the Buddhist temples as way to reinvigorate the body after long meditation. Mindfulness, presence and loving kindness are the "juice" of your therapy other then personal gain. Pranayama and meditation are essential parts of this course so that you have the chance experiment the effect of this practices and make them part of your own daily routine.  


Your Thai Massage Course will include:

Shared Accommodation with shared Bath (Linens and Towel provided)

One pranayama, meditation and yoga session daily (2 hrs)

Three delicious organic meals a day (light breakfast, brunch and dinner)

Free use of the pool

1 afternoon at the nearby waterfall

Pick up & Drop off - Nice Airport (conditions apply)

Excluded from the price are: