Elemental Yoga Workshop Series


Elemental Yoga Workshop Series

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Come join us for a transformative 6 week workshop on the 5 elements.

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Elemental Yoga Workshop ( 6 classes over 6 weeks )

Dive deep into the energetics of Yoga with Christian & Chloe from Yoga Healing Nature. Elemental Yoga Is the embodiment of Nature's energies (5 elements) into a Yoga practice via Movement, Breathing and Meditation.

This workshop series will enable you to access and distinguish these various energetic pathways within the body, releasing blockages and energizing your entire system.

You will learn practical ways to recognize your own imbalances and use Yoga and Meditation as a healing system for yourself. 

With who:

Christian and Chloe have devoted their lives  to teaching yoga as a means of self healing and self discovery. They bring the best of their experience to this series of workshops. The practice is unique powerful but also therapeutic and energetically rebalancing. Not to be missed. Feel free to visit Yoga Healing Nature’s website for more informations.

What to expect:
Each workshop will include a short talk, Pranayama, Meditation and Asana practice. The physical practice will be balanced between both the Yang and the Yin aspect of the given Element we are theming the class around. Each class will come with a practical and out so that you can practice at home.

 The workshop series will run over 6 successive classes starting in April each Tuesdays from 6-8pm

April 23rd - Earth Practice - “Find your Center”

April 30th - Water Practice - “Move with Trust’

May 7th - Fire Practice - “Acceptance and Transformation”

May 14th - Air Practice - “Let Go of Control”

May 21st - Space Practice - “Embrace your True Purpose”

May 28th - The 5 Elements - “Integration, bringing it all together”

Price: $150 for all 6 sessions | $30/Session (Spots will be prioritized for people who have booked the whole workshop series.)

For questions email christian@yoga-healing-nature.com

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