November 2018 (Dates to be announced) 

Aqua Wellness Resort, Nicaragua

Teachers: Christian and Chloe

Come join our Wellness Warriors Chloe and Christian at Aqua Wellness Resort for a unique expeience. Aqua is the perfect space to start off your new year and with the wise and gentle guidance of our team you will leave feeling better than ever. Chloe and Christian ran the Wellness Department at Aqua for 2 years and are so excited to show you the best Nicaragua has to offer!

aqua escape.png

A tree house with a view

Come join us.

Many of us start the New Year exhausted from the holiday festivity. Why not focus on you a little more this year? Come enjoy an active holiday with a light detox in a magical spot of the world. Aqua has its own private beach with a natural cove that protects it from the powerful Pacific Ocean. The water is stunning and on the days the swells isn't to big the perfect swimming, snorkeling or paddle boarding spot. 

Get ready to explore!

What is included?

In this week prepare to transform both mentally and physically stretching and toning your body as well as calming and strengthening your mind. With a carefully prepared program you will leave the week feeling ready for what 2018 has to offer! Included in your retreat is:

  • 7 nights accommodation in a beautiful treehouse 

  • delicious meals prepared to detox the body leaving you feeling lighter and more energized

  • daily yoga and meditation to stetch the body and mind

  • workshops with our team to dive into mindfulness and goal setting

  • a beautiful boat ride to see the stunning Nicaraguan coastline from the sea

  • a nature hike

  • 3 hours of you time either to be spent in the Spa or... maybe surfing if that is more your jam 


Your home in the trees.

Our treehouses at Aqua our all built with love and care to not overly disturb the surrounding nature. You will truly find your place within the trees and maybe even meet a few monkeys! Some of the treehouses have plunge pools but these are more reserved to the luxury suite accommodation. We have a few types of accommodation options for this retreat:

  1. Studio Treehouse Single Accommodation

  2. Studio Treehouse Double Accommodation (either sharing a double bed or 2 twin beds)

  3. Luxury Suite Treehouse Single Accommodation

  4. Luxury Suite Treehouse Double Accommodation (sharing a king bed)

  5. Luxury Suite Treehouse Triple Accommodation (2 sharing a king bed and 1 sharing a comfortable futon downstairs)

Your nourishment for the week.

This week will be offering your body a light detox from certain foods. We will be gently ridding the body of toxins throughout the week by prioritizing a diet low in sugar, gluten, fatty meat, processed foods, alcohol and salt. We will be bringing in a lot of fresh fruit, veggies, fresh fish (for those who eat it), healthy whole grains, nuts and seeds. 

A sample menu for the day (the retreat menu will suit different types of diets as we are all different):

  • Lemon Water or Tea and optional fruit before morning yoga.

  • A good breakfast with both savory and sweet options + a fresh juice

  • 2 fresh coconuts throughout the day to keep you hydrated on the beach.

  • A light midday snack of either gazpacho, a salad or smoothie.

  • A good healthy dinner to close your day with either an appetizer to start or dessert to finish. 

Aqua Spa.jpg

Do you picture yourself here?

On the retreat you get 3 hours of undisturbed Spa time! There is no better way to relax. Not into the spa? We can organize alternatives such as surfing! 

Aqua is a nature lovers dream. You will be able to explore the area everyday and due to the beautiful early January weather you shouldn't be bothered by too many bugs or overly hot weather. Aqua is connected by a network of stairs so you will be a daily cardio to boot! There are also plenty of running trails to add in a little morning workout if you feel like it. 

Prices (prices may need to be updated in 2018)

Aqua Wellness Resort has various options of  accommodation to suite everybody. The price quoted is all inclusive all you will have to add is a little travel cash and your flights.  


Double Studio (Queen Bed) - Early Bird $2200

$2550 after September 30th, 2017

Double Studio (Twin Beds) - Early Bird $2200

$2550 after September 30th, 2017


Single Studio- Early Bird $2875 

$3240 after September 30th, 2017

Triple Luxury Suite - Early Bird $2200 

$2550 after September 30th, 2017 * 2 people share a King Bed and 1 on the futon. A perfect option for 3 friends!


Double Luxury Suite - Early Bird $2700

$3065 after September 30th 2017


Single Luxury Suite - Early Bird $3900

$4340 after September 30th



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