Elemental Workshop & Yoga Brunch with Christian and Chloé

The Detox Kitchen, London

August 27th, 11 am - 1.30 pm

Christian and Chloe will be teaching their signature Summer Workshop - "Journey Through the Elements" at the wonderful Detox Kitchen Studio at Fitzroy Place. The class will be open to all levels and is perfect for those of you who want to start to move in a more balanced manner and fully de-stress! We will follow the class with a delicious brunch put together by The Detox Kitchen.

We love to share our passion for both yoga and food and are excited to be able to partner up with The Detox Kitchen and run a Yoga Brunch for our Londoners. 

The Class

Christian and Chloe will be leading you through a dynamic flow that is inspired by the 5 elements. They creative sun salutations will get you moving, sweating and breathing! Christian is an experienced Elemental Yoga Teacher and will assist you to move deeper into your practice.

The practice will be dynamic to start and will end with a good slow down to bring you back to your more meditative side.  This flow is one of our favorites and such a hit every time we teach it that we have decided to make it our focus for our summer workshops. Come join us on the mat!

The Brunch

Food, especially yummy healthy food, is one of our passions. We love the brunches at the Detox Kitchen and after our invigorating practice we will all come together to share a wonderful brunch!

Limited spaces available.


The whole will leave you feeling energized and restored at the same time.

Come join us on the mat. 


Christian and Chloé