Elemental Yoga Therapy (EYT) and how it works.



Yoga was never meant to be a one fit for all type of exercise, in fact it was only meant to be taught from master to student. The master could asses what were the needs of the student, his strengths and weaknesses, so to give his student the perfect practice. This practice, for him only, would guarantee an effective and fast progress.

Nowadays yoga has gone viral and only a few types of yoga are being mass mediatised. These practices although beautiful to watch are not accessible to everyone and gives the idea of yoga being only for elite athletes. In fact these practices can even be quite unbalancing for people as they may concentrate on only one side of Yoga. Yoga in fact is a broad practice and can be practiced by anybody at any age and physical fitness. When taught one on one and tailored to your particular needs it can balance your system and make you achieve not only physical fitness for a healthier body but also a clearer mind.



Elemental Yoga Therapy is a holistic approach to health and wellness through one on one counselling sessions. Together we work on finding the root of imbalances within you that can cause your dis-ease or discomfort. Within the sessions we will connect the different parts of your life that need attention and address those through a personalised yoga practice.

This unique therapy system is based on the principles of Chinese medicine of The Five Elements, hence, Elemental Yoga as well as traditional Hatha Yoga principles and Ayurvedic Principles. Everything around us including ourselves is created by the forces of the Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space). This concept is at the base of this therapy system - our constitution is created by a combination of the Five Elements. 

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Yoga is a beautiful and powerful tool to bring balance into your everyday life. Yoga therapy takes our one on one time a step further and works at addressing and managing certain physical, mental or energetic issues you are working through. Our aim together will be to restore balance in your daily life through your practice using the ancient system of Elements.

The Ayurvedic tradition, Chinese Medicine and many other ancient healing practices all share the same understanding of the Five Great Elements of Nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Understanding how these energies work and how they affect you is key to your personal health.

Some of the most common issues we work with are:



Back Pain



Digestive Disorders





Stress related issues

Weight management 

Amongst many others. Get in touch with us for more information or purchase your sessions below. 

Each element has a particular energy corresponding to it and nature works with these 5 energies creating everything around us and within us. These forces are constantly interacting with each other to create the cycles of our life. Each of these elements governs the activity of your body organs and the emotions related to those organs. Any disturbance in this system, any deficiency in one of this forces can create a dis-ease or discomfort within the body.

On your Elemental Yoga Therapy session we work together to find the imbalances in your system and trough a personalized Yoga practice that will include Asana (Yoga Postures), Pranayama (Breathe Work), and Meditation, we can harmonize these energies so that the whole body and mind system can benefit from it.   

" It's all about Balance"

Finding a balanced lifestyle is probably the most difficult thing to achieve nowadays. We live in a world of extremes and our lifestyle choices often can lead us to certain discomforts.  The food we eat, amounts of hours we sleep, crazy work schedules and even the type of yoga we practice are all important areas to look at when wanting to rebalance the body. Even the smallest lifestyle habits can create dis-ease causing more harm then good. Choosing the right fuel for your machine whether it be what you eat, how you exercise or how you unwind is essential to your health.

"Through regular one on one sessions we can assess what is the best practice for you to achieve a good state of health and happiness over a certain period of time."

Whether you want to work on a single specific injury or to more deep rooted issues like lack of sleep or any stress related discomfort we can make a tailored plan for you.  Making lifestyle changes is not always easy and requires cultivating a certain discipline, we are only a guide for you to get better, who does the work is you, and that is the only way to improve by working hard. 

We take into account everything, your physical fitness, your cultural background and especially your life commitment like work and family etc. You choose how much time you can dedicate to your personal practice it can be as little as 30 minutes a day.