Drink lots of water. It is vital that you stay hydrated throughout the summer months, especially if you are living in a hot climate. Aim to drink 2-3 liters of water a day depending on how active you are.

Eat fresh and in season. Go to your local market and pick up anything fresh that suits your fancy. Summer is the perfect time to fill your plate with beautiful salads, abundant veggies and delicious fruits that have cooling properties. Don't be scared to experiment with raw foods as this is the perfect time of year for it!

Be creative. The summer season is one of the most energetic (yang) seasons of the year. This can give you lots of energy to fuel creative expression into new or existing projects. So make the most of those long summer days!

Laugh and celebrate, Yes it's time to party! Make sure to have fun and laugh a lot, it is good for your heart. Summer is meant to be a light hearted time where you can prioritize spending time outside in nature whether it be on the beach or by a camp fire or on the dance floor!

Avoid anger. You don't want to create any unnecessary excess heat. Anger can act a bit like a wild fire so keep it under control! Rise early and meditate to start your day right.

summer nap.jpg

Rise early and go to bed later. The days are long in summer and perfect for you to make the most of the light and the cooler hours of the morning and evening. Don't be scared to sleep a little less each night, nothing is better than a nice afternoon nap to escape the heat and catch up on rest. 

Emotionally Heal. The summer season is deeply connected to the heart and with the joyful spirit and lighter days it is the perfect time to heal any emotional wounds that may be lingering. Heal them to ultimately let them go and move forward in your life. 

Summer Lovin'. Summer is the time of year where you can really follow your passion and intuition, especially in terms of love. Trust that the higher forces will guide you to the best parties, friends and strengthen your existing relationships.