Spring is a perfect time to connect to Nature and lay the foundation for creation. The days are getting longer, there are more animals around, flowers gently blooming and leaves are slowly starting to come out after the colder months. I know some of you live in colder areas and you feel like spring is still far away but remember that temperature is just one of the signs that the seasons are changing. This is the perfect time to shed some layers and follow your dreams.

So what happens in Spring? You would be pretty impressed if you were to see a video of the changes around us happening during Spring sped up into a minute. It would look like a series of multicolored explosions everywhere (watch the above video for a small example). Spring truly is like a slowed down explosion of all sort of substances, chemicals, elements and just life in general!! This is a symbol of new beginnings  and can create a new found love for life and a greater vision for the future. It is a time to be creative, shed any heaviness and focus on your projects that you wish to grow into fruition. Just like a small seed turns into a sprout and that sprout will become a massive oak tree one day, take the time to birth your plans, projects and dreams.

So how do we harness this fresh and expansive Springtime energy and funnel it into creative power? 

  • GET CLEAN - Spring is the perfect time to focus and dedicate yourself to getting things done. To do that you need to feel light and clean. Start by cleaning out your space, getting rid of anything unneeded and making your environment more creation friendly. It is important to also focus on cleaning yourself up. Download our free DIY detox, follow it for 10 days and this will help you to shed some extra layers, eliminate toxin improve your energy levels and give you a great sense of wellbeing. (To get the detox just subscribe to our Newsletter).

  • DREAM - Spring is the perfect time to plant your dream seed and grow it into action over the next few months. Select which dreams to cultivate and write them down.

  • PLAN - Lay down the foundation for how you wish to move forward over the next few months. Realizing your dreams doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, care and patience. Pay a little more attention to staying organized over the next few months. 

  • SHED - We mentioned lightening up physically in getting clean but also you need to lighten up mentally if you are going to achieve and create. Let go of anything unneeded in your life. Give yourself the possibility of saying NO when you need to and turning down opportunities that don't align with your plan.

  • STAY CALM - Try to stay calm, if there is any difficult situation don't be stuck on a little detail that you don't like and rant about it. Instead try to step back and focus on the bigger picture ;) Do things slowly, take walks in the park and exercise. We have a great Yoga video for Spring below to inspire you with your yoga practice focused on energizing the liver and gallbladder meridian. 

If you are looking for more ways to get balanced in Spring head back to our article about seasonal adjustments. If you feel like your health, well being or moods are affected during this change of season and you what to treat these discomforts naturally we are here to guide you so please get in touch.