As we are well into Autumn now have you felt the effect of this season on your mind and body? I certainly do... In fact it is totally natural to feel a little lost in between the end of the warm and celebrating feel of Summer to the more simple and restoring energy of Autumn.

This transition is well known to bring some imbalances and at Yoga Healing Nature we are all about bringing you back to balance. Here is a small sequence you can practice at home to get more in tune with the changes happening. You can also read our last blog for more useful tips on this topic.

Following this particular Elemental Sequence and Seasonal attunement through Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation will prepare your mind and body system to the changes typical of this season. I will also give you some off the mat tips to make the the most out of this transition.

These are a few lifestyle changes and tips for your yoga practice that will help in this time of the year.

This season is all about letting go and embracing change. The organs expert in change and letting go are your Lungs and Large Intestine. They both have the ability of keeping what you need and letting go of what you don't need. Keep the following in mind as your 'off the matt' focus for the weeks to come ;) 

  • Letting go of what you don't need and what is holding you back.

  • Embracing Positive Change to support the release of what is holding you back.

  • Eat seasonally and locally. 

  • Practice your Yoga Breathing and Meditation more than ever before.

Short Yoga Practice

Use this Elemental sequence every morning to balance out the Air Element. This will work on stimulating your Lungs through breath and your large intestines through asana. 

Practice time 20 minutes.

1) 'Seated Yogic Breath' 3 min. (You can set your phone timer for 3 minutes to watch time)

This classic Pranayama technique, is very simple and it works on cleansing your Lungs and activating their energy.

Sit nice and tall, bring your left hand to your abdomen and your right hand to your chest.

  • Inhale deep into your abdomen, you want to feel your left hand move away. Keep inhaling into you chest till you feel your right hand moving away, at this point inhale a little more till you feel some sensation in your upper lungs right below your collarbones. 

  • Exhale heavily through your nose letting all the air go out of your body. At the end of your exhale you can use your abdomen to squeeze the rest of the air out.

2) Dynamic transition from 'Downward Dog' to 'Upward Dog' - Also called the 'great releaser' in Chinese Medicine for it's positive effect on constipation. Move rapidly between these two classic Asanas, to alternatively contract and lengthen your belly.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 4.11.37 PM.png
  • Exhale in Down Dog contracting the abdomen.

  • Inhale into Up Dog relaxing your abdomen (keep your toes tucked under).

  • One breath for one movement.

  • Repeat 12 times then relax in Child's Pose with your knees together.

3) Dynamic Movement from 'Three Leg Dog' to 'Knee to Nose'.

This exercise brings energy to your large intestine and it is important to practice on your right side first to stimulate the ascending colon and then on the left side to stimulate the descending colon.

Begin with your right leg.

  • Inhale bring your knee up to the sky and work on stretching the right side of your belly.

  • Exhale knee to nose, contract the right side of the Belly.

  • Repeat 12 times each side.

Close the Asana practice with a few minutes in Savasana, "corpse pose", to absorb the effect of this practice. Keep you body completely relaxed and your mind free of thoughts.



As you bring yourself to sit up crossed legged take a few moments to concentrate on your breath. Try to find 3 things that you can let go of and try to think of 3 things that don't serve you anymore. These can be anything from material things to emotions, relationships, habits or behavioral patterns. Try to think of anything that is holding you back and what you can do to change them. 

Keep this actions as your off the matt purpose for the weeks to come. It is very useful to keep a journal noting down these purposes, so that you can see any improvements or changes in a few weeks time.  

Remember Elemental Yoga is a form of yoga therapy that is suppose to assist you on a one on one consultation session and to be personally tailored for each individual client. These tips are general adjustments and suggestions based on the season of the year and they do not represent any type of therapy cure or substitute to any medication. Please consult your doctor before taking on this practice in case of any acute or chronic illnesses or during pregnancy. 

For any questions I'm here at your service and feel free to contact me anytime.