Yoga Healing Nature

Yoga Holidays to balance your being and make you discover your true potential.

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2013-12-25 09.58.01Yoga Healing Nature is the result of Christian Gentile’s work over the last 8 years. These three words are interchangeable and describe the healing power of Yoga practice through the wisdom of Nature’s elements.

As we observe that the five great elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) are present in everything around us and within us, these are also the key concept in most ancient healing practices around the world (like Chinese medicine,  Ayurveda as well as Shamanism and more) we come to realise that knowing these simple mechanism of how nature works is key for our personal health.

Our  body and mind system is unique expression of these Five Elements, we use these ancient knowledge applied to today people needs providing a personalized services that helps to rebalance the natural flow of energy in each individual guests.

We provide through hour Holiday and Retreats, a space for people do distress and heal them self, by relaxing, and practicing in contact with nature our signature yoga style, enjoy the benefit of an Elemental yoga therapy session, that will give you a personalised yoga practice to help you even when you go back home. Read More about Elemental Yoga Therapy.

Learn lifelong skills like the ancient practice of Thai Yoga Massage, can give you practical tools to heal yourself and others weather you are going to practice it professionally  or not these training is a spiritual one more than a mere massage technique, you will learn to use loving kindness as the main tool.  Read more about thai massage course .